Odin vs zeus

odin vs zeus

~zeus vs odin~ conclusion comparison of greek and norse mythology: greek is based on myths of great gods like athena, poseidon and apollo norse is based on viking. Best answer: the vikings were more vicious but the romans have greater numbers i'd take the romans, and i'd love to see the battle. Mythology zeus and odin greek mythology has a lot of history, there has been a lot of gods, they all have differences and similarities, but the most powerful gods are. Donavan morgan ,l zeus and odin are two gods from different cultures who share many similarities as well as differences the norse god odin was the main. What is the difference between zeus/hercules and odin/thor i know the basics like greek and norse mythology, but are they related in any way. Page 3 of 4 - who would win odin vs zeus - posted in polls: zeus has his ambrosia odin what ruinsodin has gungnirodin can diezeus will notwho fin winsum. Odin is the leader of the gods in norse mythology and typically described as a seeker of knowledge, while zeus is the rulers of the gods in greek mythology and.

We pit 2 of the most famous and powerful gods against each other using impeccable logic, i answer who would win in a battle between zeus & odin also. To the best of my knowledge, the ancestors of the greeks and the norse did not interact in any significant way anyway odin is an norse god, where zeus is a greek god. Who is the greatest god, zeus, jupiter, odin, rah, izanagi, or shangdi 1 following 13 zeus was the father of gods and men, protector of kings, supporter of law and order and avenger. Odin manages to hold his own against mangog until he managed to knock odin down mangog then takes odin's gungir in order to combine it with his own weapon thor and the rest of the avengers.

Who is a more powerful, stronger mythological god zeus or odin who would win in a fight to the death. Zeus -- odin zeus zeus is the ruler of the greek gods he is the son of cronos and rhea, in fact the only son of these two to survive to adulthood.

Odin (on: frenzy or ecstasy), also referred to as the all-father, is the third chief of the aesir tribe of norse gods and one of the most prominent figures in. The battle is interrupted when typheus rides fenrir through the battlefield, blotting out the sun zeus and odin team up to kill them.

Odin vs zeus

Battle of the kings ra literally created the earth and is the most powerful god in egyptian history here are a super fun list of his abilities here bc i.

  • In a match between the rulers of the gods, which allfather stands supreme it's a battle between.
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  • Zeus was the chief pagan deity and king of the greek pantheon he was the god of the sky.
  • Cole, why don't you have faith in the wolves odin only needs a second, and then he just heaves it's not like the things going to miss.

Stalemate really, they both have the same capabilities and overall power level odin may have more on panel feats, but its been repeatedly stated that zeus is his equal. Odin (marvel comics) vs zeus (greek king of the gods. Zeus vs odin by: justin liu in every world, there is a god, for every god there is a king, without a leader there is chaos, and for every king comes different cultures. Odin has ravens and wolves, sleipnir the horse, and technically only one eye he also has a spear that never misses and can command magic zeus has the. Rumble 11567 odin and zeus (marvel) vs darkseid and thanos - posted in cbub unrated rumbles: in the beginning stages of asgard, a furious battle between the. Ssg goku and beerus vs odin and zeus site announcements news + guides.

odin vs zeus odin vs zeus odin vs zeus odin vs zeus
Odin vs zeus
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